Kedermaker is the largest manufacturer of keder in China. The Kedermaker products are available in North America through a distribution agreement with Lightweight Manufacturing Inc. located in Whitehall, PA.

What is unique about our Keder?

Kedermaker products are made with a combination of unique welding equipment that creates a bond between the kedercloth and the core, all around the kedercord.

The fully bonded keder will retain the function of the Keder under conditions where the cloth is partially ripped. This picture shows the integrity of the keder product after a portion has been cut away. Try this with the keder that you currently use! Each production lot of Kedermaker is tested for tensile resistance after a portion of the keder cloth has been cut away. The combination of the RF welded flat keder weld and fully bonded weld around the core is unique.


While Kedermaker products are more cost-effective compared to other keder products, the quality is not any less. In fact, due to the unique bonding properties, it is considered better quality than regular 1000 denier keders that are available on the market. Please consider requesting a sample or call us at (610)435-4720 to discuss our experience in our own fabric shop with this keder product.

Keder cut horizontally to show strength
The integrity of the keder product after a portion has been cut away.


Please contact us to find out if there is a distributor in your area. For small quantities or faster shipping, it often makes sense to buy from a local distributor.

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