Keder is used as an edge reinforcement for a fabric panel, it can slide in an aluminum extrusion to create a continuous connection between fabric and frame. The exposed yarns on the outside allow better sliding in an extrusion than a coated fabric.

Rental Tents

Keder is used to allow an efficient and safe installation of fabric panels in a rental tent. Panels slide in aluminum keder extrusions using keder that is welded to the edges of the panels. Typical sizes for tent keders are 11mm and 13mm for roof panels. Tent walls are often made using 8mm tent keder.


Keder is used as a fast and safe connection method for banners and signs using aluminum or plastic extrusions. The keder rails are attached horizontally, and the banner slides in the extrusion with banner keder welded to the top of the banner. Banner keders are often single flag, 7mm, and 8mm diameter. We currently carry an inventory of banner keder with 7mm single flag with 20, 25, and 30mm flag widths.


Keder for RV Awnings

Keder is often used to connect RV awnings to a keder rail that is permanently attached to the outside of the RV. RV keder provides a quick and cost-effective solution using common keder technology

Permanent Fabric Structures

Keder edge is often used for permanent fabric structures, to connect flat or shaped fabric panels with metal frames. The metal frame can be constructed from aluminum extrusions with the keder rail integrated into the extrusions, or from steel frames with an aluminum extrusion attached to the top of the steel members. Due to exposure of the fiers in the keder cloth, it is not recommended to leave the keder exposed to the UV for permanent applications. Keder connections can be covered with fabric beamflaps. Please contact us for assistance with keder solutions.

Fabric panels being installed with keder
Efficient and safe installation of fabric panels in a rental tent
Orange Keder banner in community college window
Window Keder Banner
White Keder inside white keder track.
Keder inside Keder Track
Keder panels supported by steel frame on an outdoor structure
Keder connections can be covered with fabric beamflaps

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