Renew Keder

Repairing Keder

Renew Keder is a unique keder product designed for replacing damaged keder on clearspan tent panels in a fast, durable, and aesthetic way without the need for RF welding.

Other repair keders use a very wide double flag that will visually stick out and hurt the appearance of a fabric panel. It also requires RF welding to be able to weld a double flag keder on the panel.

However, Renew Keder uses our top-of-the-line keder, RF welded to a strip of white opaque PVC fabric, leaving a 25 mm width. The 25 mm /1-inch fabric strip can be welded to the inside of your existing panel with more readily available equipment such as a wedge or hot air welder, by hand or with a floor welder. In addition, the white fabric will look identical to the surrounding fabric, making the repair nearly invisible for the customer. The inside of the existing fabric will generally offer better weldability since it hasn’t been affected by UV.




4 Step diagram on our renew keder process
 PLEASE NOTE: The 1-inch strip of Renew Keder can be placed either on the inside (rough side) of the fabric or on the outside (smooth side).


See image above for a brief overview of how Renew Keder extends the life of your keder panels, (starting from the upper left going clockwise)

  1. Removal of the worn out keder
  2. Using a hot wedge floor welder, hot air floor welder, or RF welder, begin the process of attaching the new keder to the old fabric panel.
  3. The frontside where the renew keder has been added, this side shows a 1-inch wide white opaque strip of fabric extending past the standard keder.
  4. The backside (faces outside) of the fabric panel and Renew Keder after the welding is complete.

The use of our highly efficient production process means we can offer our high-quality repair keder at a better price than it could be when it is taken to a repair shop and is more cost-effective than most traditional repair keders.

We currently stock Renew Keder in 8 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm white opaque.

Renew Keder Drawing
Renew Keder repair process.


The standard inventory Renew Keder is meant to replace a keder that has a total of 40 mm keder fabric (between the keder ball and the edge of the keder flag) to cut off so that after adding Renew Keder to the panel, the original panel width is restored. Please contact us if your existing keder edges have different dimensions. 

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